We love customer testimonials!

I recently received this testimonial from a very satisfied customer:  

“Here I am again telling everyone how good this stuff is. Before I mentioned how it kept my skin from drying out from my chemo every two weeks. Still does, and I have had compliments. Now, found out it works as well as aloe on sunburns. My tennis champ granddaughter had too much sun and was hurting. I slathered the lotion on and she eased immediately. Still looks better today and no blisters. My fellow retired teachers hear me all the time telling them they had better get some of this to keep those wrinkles away.”

Thanks, Regina

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Our article was featured again – this time in the September issue of the Southern Kentucky Health & Family Journal!


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Singing Hills Goat Farm is featured on the front page of the August 18th edition of The Farmer’s Pride!





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